my journey




I discovered yoga at the tender age of 36 when I had a really high pressure job and had recently been through a divorce. I went to a local class with Debs one of my friends but I just couldn’t get used to the mindful element of the practice. I was used to pushing myself really hard at the gym which mirrored the way I was experiencing everything in my life. I might have been physically fitter but I was well aware that I still felt really stressed and just couldn’t relax.


I came back to yoga a few years later because I had started suffering with lower back pain. With a different teacher and style of yoga this time I loved it.


My Mum was very poorly at the time and passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 69. It was then that I truly appreciated how much my yoga was helping my wellbeing and I decided that I wanted to do my Teacher Training.


I started a four year programme with The British Wheel of Yoga which was amazing in so many ways but the style of yoga wasn’t what inspired me. I was recommended to look at an American teacher called Shiva Rea and as soon as I did I knew she was who I wanted to study with. I spent two years completing her teacher training in London and in Venice Beach and it is to her that I owe my dedication and passion for the practice. I have worked with other leading yoga and anatomy teachers since who have influenced me including Angela Farmer, Paul Grilley and Doug Keller. The focus of my teaching style is to embrace not just the physical aspect of the practice but also the mental, and spiritual disciplines which people need now more than ever.


I have been teaching classes for over fifteen years now and I am addicted to helping people to feel the way that I do about yoga. It has helped me in lots of ways…. overcoming injuries, healing my scoliosis, keeping me grounded and I have seen how it has helped so many others. I am not naturally flexible and my strength can be up and down but at 56 I feel better than I’ve ever done. When I have times that leave me feeling overwhelmed or down getting on my mat and doing some of my favourite poses simply feels like coming home to my body and to the relationship and connection to myself and who I really am that I have strengthened through the practice.

Namaste...the soul in me honours the soul in you.