• Jane

Dispelling some of the myths about yoga.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

There is no doubt yoga is continuing to grow in popularity with more and more people interested in trying it. The down side of that is that there is also more misinformation out there especially from the media that can be confusing and even put potential students off starting completely.

Here are a few of the ones I hear or read the most the most:

I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.

I need to be a certain body type or be able to wear a certain outfit.

Yoga is just about relaxing I want to get fitter.

Yoga is a religion.

I have an injury or something that restricts me so I can’t do Yoga.

I am too busy to fit yoga into my life.

I’m too old to start learning Yoga

You will be stiff when you begin which leads to aches and pains so it may not be easy starting to working on correcting that but it will be so worth it down the road.

You just need to make a start and keep your sense of humour yoga can be fun.

You don't need to be a certain shape or size all you need to bring is yourself and an open mind. Yoga is inclusive and for everyone, you can come as you are now and let the practice start to help you where you need it most.

This is one of the ones I see the most and yes there are many aspects of a full spectrum practice that focus on relaxation and mindfulness through Pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

However, the asana (poses) side of the practice requires disciplined effort and it is a challenge to get to the end of a class and lie back and soak up all of the benefits.

This is very rarely mentioned but manifests when any chanting or mudras with the hands are included in the class with some people looking very uncomfortable.

Yoga is a philosophy that is meant to encourage you to ask questions about yourself.

The poses are a way to explore the way you react to situations and give you insight so that you can begin to make choices that are right for you and therefore reduce anxiety and stress on a day to day basis.

Yoga can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic for recuperating from an illness or injury.

Yin Yoga practices are particularly useful in regaining mobility in the joints and more dynamic styles are great for building muscle tone and strengthening. The down side is that there will always be a level of discomfort when overcoming an injury, the body is very good at trying to avoid sensation and often new students give up and don’t give their body time to heal and rebalance.

Even 20 minutes a day will yield amazing results and what could be easier just unroll your mat and get started – no need to join a gym, to get changed and drive somewhere and then come back again.You will find that at

You will find that at first, you have to make time for your yoga practice and then after a while, other things that would previously have taken priority will have to fit around your practice times.

Maybe with other types of exercise but not yoga I have plenty of students over 50 and 60 who have adapted to the needs of an older body and are reaping the benefits and wish they had started years ago.


Namaste...the soul in me honours the soul in you.