• Jane

Real Men Do Yoga

Despite the increase in yoga over the last few years with more and more people taking it up if you've been to a class I'm sure you've noticed the undeniable absence of men in the class. You may find one or two if you're lucky -- sometimes three, but that's pushing it.

Why is it that in this new age for men, there are still so many who share no interest in taking part in this amazing practice? A practice that was designed by men, originally intended for men.

For all men out here, let's be clear -- yoga does not make you dainty or feminine. It makes you strong and resilient. It provides you with a constant challenge to become a better form of yourself, day in and day out. It teaches you how to find comfort and contentment in some of the most uncomfortable situations life may throw at you.

Men suffer more from depression than women and the mental side of the practice, the mindfulness element to it is tremendously beneficial for them.

I love it when a guy comes to join one of my classes and I'm lucky because I have more than the average numbers of men but I would like more. I think it is harder for men to drop any concepts of having to be good at it or worrying that they are in the minority however, when they do the benefits are massive. I love the change in the energy that having more men in the class brings and also the gentle banter between them.

So come on guys give it a try!! The countless benefits of yoga extend far beyond gender. Open up to possibility and indulge in opportunity.


Namaste...the soul in me honours the soul in you.